Tall Fescue Dealers


Quality Seed Grown in Oregon

It’s all in the seed.

All of the advanced research, quality production practices, careful cleaning, purity and germination testing plus timely delivery are part of each and every one.

About 90% of cool-season grass seed sold in the United States is produced in Oregon, and for good reason. Oregon-grown tall fescue seed is produced by full-time growers in the grass seed capital of the world – where ideal growing conditions contribute to the inherent quality of our product.

Mild, moist winters, and dry summers favor seed development and harvest, making Oregon's Willamette Valley an ideal place to produce high quality seed. Collectively, this small region produces almost two‐thirds of the total USA seed production of cool‐season grasses.

Insisting on Oregon-grown seed assures you that the value added is included in every seed.

Tall fescue is valued for its adaptability to a wide range of climates and its tolerances for cold, heat, drought and shade.

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