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Our Lawns Have Become
Our National Parks

You hear them every spring, calling and singing throughout the day, a clear sign that longer days and warmer temperatures are on their way. No, they aren’t the chickadees, robins and other songbirds, these are the kids playing on lawns across America. Even the adults get in on this vernal revelry when casual waves of winter transform into lengthy outdoor conversations, a spring ritual as predictable as the migrating geese overhead.

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Lawn Prep for Summer BBQ Season -
7 Simple Steps

If you’re a part of the nearly 90% of Americans who believe it’s important to have a well-maintained yard, you and your back will appreciate these seven simple steps for tending to your natural turf lawn with minimal effort.

According to Grass Seed USA, a coalition of American grass seed farmers and academics, investing a little repair time in early-spring and a small amount of maintenance time in summer will pay off with a lush lawn ready for even the most last-minute backyard gathering.

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Want to Catch Homebuyers' Eyes?
5 Easy Steps

When it comes to selling a home there are many different strategies and most of them focus on the home’s interior. However, what many sellers fail to realize is that it’s the exterior of the home that often makes or breaks a sale.

Curb appeal is necessary for that vital first impression. Much of a buyer’s opinion about a property is formed before they even enter the front door. Research shows curb appeal not only speeds the sale but also increases offer prices.

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