Community Enrichment


Making Connections

Natural lawns make attractive gathering spaces, bringing neighbors together and building tighter-knit communities. Community benefit is more than just the eye appeal.

Feeling Safe

Lawns, when kept in good health and repair, have been shown to improve feelings of safety in neighborhoods and of trust among neighbors.

Getting Active

When residents have a spruced-up lawn, it’s a draw outdoors for kids and adults alike and serves as perfect backdrop for sports and recreation.

Adding Value

A healthy, lush lawn adds curb appeal, which can really pay off. Buyers suggest that a lawn in top shape can add as much a 15% to a home’s value.

Keeping Clean

Well-maintained natural lawns deter littering and dumping, promoting greater neighborhood pride and satisfaction in an overall cleaner environment.

Building Community

Natural turf draws people together. It provides a lush, green canvas for gatherings and celebrations, sports and games, and reconnecting and relaxing.

Tall fescue is valued for its adaptability to a wide range of climates and its tolerances for cold, heat, drought and shade.

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